I'm obsessed with the emoji style nail art/ designs right now and I'm really trying to master it. My 1st attempt was a shambles. I rushed it and just wanted to see if I could do it. Obviously with nail art/ design you have to be patient. I'm still learning this as I keep smudging my designs. Here is my 2nd attempt...don't laugh! Lol This was before I applied the top coat. :-) BTW this is not gel polish it's just your standard polish combined with some nail art pens and a Sharpie. Everytime I've gone to get my nails professionally painted with a design I wanted they either said they can't/ won't do it or it wasn't what I wanted and ridiculously expensive. (Rightly so for some but not all!) And now that's why I've decided to learn to do it myself, which I always knew I could...I was just being lazy. :-) I'm by no means a professional but I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself! I picked some more nail supplies so look out for my haul!! :-)