So, a while back at my mums house I found some of my old glitters I used when making glitter polishes. Just felt like sharing some them with you all. I got them from various art shops and craft sections in stationary stores. You can also find a wide selection of glitters in professional nail supply stores. I love mixing different colours together to create that extra sparkle! There's a transparent glitter...I can't remember what its called and I'm currently out of stock, but when you mix it with any glitter it gives the appearance of *bling* on your nails. :-) Who doesn't love sparkly nails right? :-)

The foils are from ebay...super cheap too! I recently learned a new technique (new to me) to make glitter manicures more sparkly by adding a layer of foil in the same colour on top. How cool right? I'm probably so late with this. Lol Do any of you enjoy glitter or foil manicures? Are there any current trends you're loving at the moment?